Sunday, May 12, 2002

Our weekend in Front Royal went well. My parents and I spent a couple of days at a B&B, which was relaxing and enjoyable.


I just got back from watching Spider-man, which I enjoyed. It wasn’t absolutely incredible, but it was a solid film. I’m trying to come up with a positive way of putting this, which gets across my feeling that the film was competently made without being as jaw-dropping as, for example, Batman. It wasn’t just competent; it was downright good. It’s just that I went into this hoping that it would knock my socks off, and it “merely” entertained me thoroughly. Perhaps my expectations were too high.

Perhaps I’ll post more later. I want to get more organized — my filing system is sadly inefficient — but my bed is calling, and I want to write about this in some detail. So, later.

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