Sunday, May 5, 2002

Since I haven’t been updating regularly, I’m afraid this is a fragmented entry.

After an exhausting all-night lock-in on Friday night, I spent yesterday and today doing very little, mostly watching TV and reading.

[Pilot Candidate artwork]

Pilot Candidate artwork

Normally, I’d comment on the TV shows I saw, but there are too many. I will record that my love of Digimon Tamers has increased, and the premiere of the new Transformers series was, sadly, mediocre. I enjoyed Pilot Candidate, but found Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory too serious and melodramatic.

I’ve been working on the new Daemonsong website, which should be highly automated and pretty stylish (though style is not my strong suit). I do need to talk to Saalon about a few design points before I can continue, though.

I’m itching to flex my programming muscles. After developing several new games for my personal website, I’d like to develop something better. Since I prefer to avoid outright war simulations, I’m trying to think of a design for a non-violent web-based game, preferrably one that hasn’t been recycled fifteen thousand times.

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