Wednesday, May 22, 2002

I’m taking a quick break from a satisfyingly productive evening to update this here journal. One of the problems I’ve found with an online journal is that there’s no physical reminder to update it. With a physical journal, one tends to see the journal itself, which reminds one to write an entry. With an online journal, I can easily forget about it.

I’ve been dealing lately with an interesting question: If a schedule doesn’t work, is it because of the schedule or the scheduler? When does one work harder to fit the schedule, and when does one change the schedule to fit one’s life?

I recently tweaked my schedule yet again to avoid two extremes which I’d fallen into previously:

  1. Scheduling one activity per evening on each weekday night. All of Monday evening would be devoted to writing, for example.
  2. Scheduling all my activities in little chunks every weekday night. I’d spend fifteen minutes a night on calligraphy, half an hour drawing, etc.

I’ve chosen a middle course: Some activities are scheduled for every night (writing and drawing are included in this category), while some are only scheduled for a couple of nights per week. The work that needs frequent repetition can be scheduled more frequently, while the less important work can be done less often. This also has the advantage of making each night refreshingly different.

This seems to be working well so far.

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