July 14, 2002

Huh. I received a phone call today from an ex-coworker, who offered me a quick job creating a website for her business. Cool. I’ll be meeting her tomorrow morning to find out more details.

[A rat]

Ahhh, more Half-Tail from Saalon. BTW, Saalon, would you like me to program some way for visitors to easily access the Half-Tail stories on their own? Think about how you’d like that to work and let me know.

I started re-watching the Tenchi Muyo! OVA the other day. I’m struck at how much the characters have changed, all of them, from their original incarnations. Tenchi is a weak-willed, wishy-washy schmuck; Ryoko is downright nasty in ways that would embarrass her later self; Sasami plays selfish, dangerous tricks on her sister; Ayeka is really quite sympathetic, and only imperious when dealing with a murderous, smart-mouthed criminal or the hapless Tenchi.

I’m amazed at how much these characters grow, and that their growth is in such strongly moral directions. Ryoko becomes more moderate, Sasami becomes the sweetest little girl you’d ever want to meet, and Tenchi turns into one of my favorite heroic characters of all time. I’m heartened that the creators of this show were willing to make their characters into true role models.

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