Sunday, July 7, 2002

Well. I really feel that I should post something here, so I’ll post a bunch of random thoughts.

I finished watching my thirty-six episode collection of Kodomo no Omache today. The series is absolutely brilliant, both comedically and as a series. There’s drama and character development along with fantastic screwball comedy. Kodomo never ceases to impress me.

I’m feeling lonely. I’m trying to find new friends, but it’s been painfully hard.

I’ve been working on a website for my Mom, which has made me seriously think about approaching local businesses about developing websites for them. I certainly have the technical skills.

I’m making efforts to learn Japanese, which is fun.

I saw most of an amazing Chinese historical epic today, The Emperor and the Assassin (Jing ke ci qin wang). Very, very good story about warring clans and star-crossed relationships in feudal China. It’s not unlike Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon as a war film, without the fight scenes, if that makes any sense.

Good night.

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