October 15, 2002

From JavaLobby (free reg. required), an article about re-organizing that site into a community that can evangelize Java to the world. It ends with a call to arms about a number of topics, and this one struck me:

“How can we help get an informed, attractive message about the qualities of Java technology out to the thousands of people who take their first steps into the world of software each and every day?” — Rick Ross

My answer: Oh, Light, please don’t.

The “unwashed masses” who are just stepping into software don’t care about Java, and they shouldn’t. Technology is a tool to help people work and play more effectively. The last thing that newbies need when trying to understand desktops and digital cameras and operating systems is an advertisement for Java.

Okay, that makes sense. But what about developers? They need to be aware of different technologies, but do they really need more Java prosyletizing?

Here’s an interesting Wiki sub-site on Soft Security. “The idea is to protect the system and its users from harm, in gentle and unobtrusive ways.

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