October 3, 2002

Huh. Argentosoma is an anime mech series coming to American shores. Looks very funky.

3:39 p.m.

How Software Companies Die, by Orson Scott Card. Heh.

3:39 p.m.

Hey, CD Japan has a lovely new interface. And it’s a great place to find Japanese anime and music directly from Japan.

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately on the Extreme Programming section of the WikiWikiWeb. There’s a lot of material on there for those interested in the concepts behind Extreme Programming (XP).

I’ve had the typical reaction to XP, it seems — initial fear and repugnance at the name, followed by curiosity, acknolwedgment, and strong belief. XP is so right about so many things, without trying to be the be-all, end-all software development methodology. I like it a lot.

And I’ve been struggling lately to complete re-write of Points of View — a bad idea to begin with — so I’m thinking of implementing a few XP practices for future POV development. I’ve posted some Story Cards to the POV section of my new Wiki, which I think clarifies the design of POV nicely. It’s harder for me to develop up-front programmatical tests for POV, but I think I can at least write textual tests (“When clicking here, this must happen”). If nothing else, that would codify the exact functionality needed in the system.

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