Monday, November 25, 2002

I’m back from a great weekend with Saalon, during which our most important achievement was our work on the Daemonsong website.

Daemonsong is now live.

And thanks to our application of Extreme Programming practices, it all works. It all works. Some of the back-end stuff doesn’t work yet, but that’s okay. The public website works.

I’m repeating that because it’s so rare. Far too many development projects are released to the public incomplete. Far too often, you see statements like, “I put together this website…some of the things don’t quite work right yet, but at least the content is there.”

Not for me. Since we used XP practices like You Aren’t Gonna Need It and Do The Simplest Thing That Could Possibly Work, the Daemonsong website is alive and fully functional. Did we implement every feature we would like to have? No. But that’s less important than developing a consistent, complete site that supports the existing content. We can add message boards (which will probably be a Wiki), site searching, and any other neat features later. But the site works right now, for the content it has now, and that’s more important than developing for the future.

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