Friday, January 24, 2003

I’ve just uploaded a review of Noir to Points of View.

In other news, I’m still thinking about moving out.

The current situation makes my head spin. I have four options:

  • I have an offer from one friend to move into the loft in his apartment. It’s a fairly small space, and the apartment is probably a forty-minute drive to where I work. OTOH, I like the roommates there, and the rent would be cheap.
  • I have another offer from a good friend to move into his apartment in a couple of months, as one or all of his roommates will be leaving at about that time. This has the same attributes, except it’s even further from work.
  • There are new, two-bedroom apartments near me that have comparatively low rent. I know two guys that are looking for living space. The main problem with this option is that I’d have to get off my butt, research the apartments, call up these guys, and otherwise arrange pretty much everything. I’m already intimidated by the idea of moving out; I don’t know if I can put in that much effort.
  • Or, I could just stay with my parents for the foreseeable future.

Arg. I don’t know what to do.

Here’s my plan: I’ll be checking out that first offer this weekend. I’ll spend the next week or so deciding on that and the second offer. If I decide against both of those, I’ll research the new apartments.

At this point, I’m not afraid. I just have too many options and too little experience to apply to them.

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