Wednesday, January 29, 2003

I just followed in Stephen‘s footsteps and bought a bunch of CDs from CD Baby. As I browsed the site, I found myself admitting that this is the way music buying should be: browsing a wide variety of artists, sampling their tracks, and buying relatively cheap CDs (some dip below the USD $10 mark). It’s convenient for me, and I’m directly supporting the artist.

I bought quite a few CDs; for the record, here they are:

  • Keith Moore: The Fluorescent Shaded Teddy Bear Murders — He wrote the script to a movie, then wrote the music. The movie’s never been made, but the music’s varied and pleasant.
  • Rondellus: Sabbatum — Black Sabbath songs arranged and presented as though coomposed in the 14th century, sung in Latin. Beautiful.
  • Michael Lovitt: The Ship Of Fools — A variety of pieces, described as “like something right off of your favorite art film score.”
  • Spacescape: Exploration — Electronica
  • Eric Rain & Birdman2000: Dusk Till Dawn Vol.1 — Dance music
  • Everpresent: Everpresent — Electronica/dance

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