March 6, 2003

I just posted a review of Argentosoma, an anime series, to Points of View. It’s the first review there in exactly a month. Sheesh. Maybe I should post a review of Hayao Miyazaki’s Castle in the Sky, since that’ll be released soon.

My Haibane Renmei shrine continues to grow.

And, within hours of writing a whining missive about writing, I get an answer in the form of a pretty little paperback called Zen in the Art of Writing, a collection of essays by Ray Bradbury.

It cost twelve dollars, and was worth ten times that to me. I read it in two breathless sittings, stopping only because a friend arrived to help me peer at the hand of Leonardo da Vinci.

Yes, writing is worthwhile. It’s worthwhile for a number of reasons, but here’s the biggest one: Because I am me, and I am unique, and only I can write what I write. People are interesting. I am a person, so I am interesting, and I have something to give the world. I have a lot to give the world. Maybe the world will reject it; I don’t know. But I desperately want to give something.

And so, I will.

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