Tuesday, March 25, 2003

So there I was again, walking in the dappled shade of a trail near work a couple of years ago. I can distinctly remember the small hill I was walking up, and the Virginia red clay of the path, as my foot came down on the path and my mind…shifted.

I’ve had a lot of trouble explaining this experience to people. The most accurate term I’ve come up with so far is “double deja vu.” For me at least, regular deja vu feels like I had a vision some time in the past, and now I’m actually experiencing those actions I envisioned. That’s what I felt like, but at the same time I had a vision of the future. Two acts of deja vu intersected; a vision from the past, and a vision of the future.

In my vision, I was in a dimly-lit office. A desk sat in the center of the room, with a large window behind it. At least one poster hung on the wall, on one side of the desk. I think I was sitting in the chair behind the desk, but I’m not sure.

I do remember one vivid impression: I was completing post-production on the animation idea I’d had a few days previous, the one about the girl who finds out she’s human. The animation itself was complete; I was just finishing up, like picking out the cover art for the DVDs.

And then my consciousness returned to the dappled shade of the trail and the Virginia red clay.

This was serious. This idea had weight.

I went home and began developing the idea in earnest, and after skimming through Proverbs, I found the perfect name: Wine to Those in Anguish.

I’ve never doubted from that day to this one that I’ll one day complete Wine to Those in Anguish. I know it will happen.

So, the next step was to plot out the series and create character designs. And I’ll explain that tomorrow.

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