April 10, 2003

Isn’t it weird when you stumble across a definition of something you never really needed a definition for?


(If you don’t get the reference, explaining it won’t help.)

Thanks to Brennen‘s efforts, the site seems back to normal. Thanks, Bren! And good luck with the Wiki.


A good friend of mine happens to be an artist. I took advantage of this fact by arranging with her to take art lessons from her once a week. We meet for about an hour every Wednesday night.

It’s going pretty well, as I learn lots of interesting things about drawing. For example:

  • Use a real-world model. Even the masters used real-world models.
  • Try to look at the object you’re drawing at least half the time. Glance up from your paper often.
  • Light and shadow define the three-dimensionality of an object. Sometimes, darkening some little area will turn a flat drawing into a rounded, three-dimensional one.
  • When shading, constantly shift the angle of your hand so that your lines don’t all run in the exact same direction.

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