Friday, April 18, 2003

It’s distressing, though I’m not shocked: According to this survey, most computer users will give out their login password to a complete stranger if asked.

The question is, how can we fix this? Do we just keep repeating good security practices over and over? Or is there some way to show people the impact of insecure tendencies?

Oops…forgot to post this yesterday:

It’s that time again
  Time for more sucky haiku
    Just ’cause I want to.

How can I improve
  writing productivity?
    I want to write more.

I just can’t complain —
  As so many seem to do —
    That I have no time.

I do have the time.
  I can spend time each evening

So, this is your cue
  Yes, you, reader of this page
    To suggest something.

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