Thursday, May 8, 2003

Eh. I could write about my life, but…why?

I mean, okay. I bought a Minolta QMS laser printer online from EMS Computing, which arrived yesterday. It had no printer cables. Apparently, this is common.

[Long rant about how silly this is, I mean, c’mon people]

I ran across a couple of really weird Usenet newsgroups yesterday, and one bizarre net.kook.

[List of URLs, newsgroup names, and sarcastic descriptions. Nobody follows the URLs; even if they did, they would waste precious hours of their lives on mildly amusing derision at others’ foibles.]

Meanwhile, I’m having six anime cels framed. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that they should be ready in about two weeks; the framing store is usually backlogged one to two months.

Who, exactly, cares about this sort of thing?

Please note: I’m not saying that my life is uninteresting; I’m saying that the daily details of my life are uninteresting. Trivia is just that; trivial. I don’t think it warrants my time to write it out and your time to read it.

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