Tuesday, June 17, 2003

I continue to work on my animations. My current project is much more complex than the previous ones; it’s an eight-second animation of a talking character, complete with dialogue.

After noodling around in After Effects, I’ve managed to assemble the animation itself, but I’ve run into a major problem: I need a microphone so I can record the character’s voice, but during the move, it looks like I’ve lost my good microphone. Ick. I hate having to buy a new one, since in my experience, microphones are hit-and-miss. The mike ends up being either excellent or absolutely awful.

And I couldn’t buy a new one last night, since I had Monday Group, and got lost on the way back. Nothing exhausts me like an hour-and-a-half drive through Washington, D.C. and into Maryland. And that made me sleep through my alarm, which means I got to work an hour and a half late, so I have to stay late.

Not a good day. But maybe I’ll stop by a store tonight and buy a freakin’ microphone so I can just finish this thing.

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