Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Sorry, nothing to report today. ‘Twas going to write about my adventures in Petersburg Sunday, but I didn’t bring in my notebook in which I recorded my experiences. Ah well; that’ll give me a chance to assemble and post the pictures.

Right now, I’m rather stressed at work; we’re going to have an internal meeting today to discuss documentation, to discuss how we’re going to talk to the customer about the status of documentation. This may look like we’re going to lie or present a weaselly front; no. We’re going to discuss why documentation is in the state it’s in, so we know how best to explain that to the customer. This is an exercise in gathering as much information as possible, really.

However, I’m treating this as an excellent opportunity to live in the moment. I could let this stress me out, or I could prepare for it then concentrate on right now. Worrying won’t help. I have plenty other things to do, so while I’ll certainly prepare for the meeting, I won’t give it undue attention.

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