Friday, September 5, 2003

That’s it. I’m out of here.

The office, that is. I just walked outside, and it’s the sort of day that was just made for taking off early. Broad, contented clouds hang in a blue sky; the sun shines happily; and the breeze is occasionally strong and cool enough to whisper in your ear, “Autumn is coming. Enjoy what summer you have left.”

So, I will. I’m going home now.

Especially after this morning. I couldn’t go to sleep last night, so I stayed up and worked on finances until 3 a.m. Perhaps this is because of my purchases of a 160 GB hard drive and Return to Castle Wolfenstein last night. Wow, is Wolfenstein fun.

But I overslept, and rushed to work so I could be on time for a meeting with a potential new hire. I was part of the interview, which went well despite the fact that I walked in late. Still. He’s PhD in physics who became a programmer, then a technical writer. Very interesting guy. Looks just like Elton John.

Anyway, I’m leaving you with the perfect anime music download for today: Yoko Kanno’s “Three Fish.”

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