Friday, November 21, 2003

Here’s the next writing challenge:

Describe a character, physically and psychologically, in one sentence. Purpose: Clarity of description.

I note that nobody has posted their own response yet. Go on. It’s anonymous. It’s the cool thing to do.

Weird day today. I actually managed to get up early, so I could be at work before a 9:00 meeting. Yes, that’s early for me. Yes, I’m okay with that. The meeting was about Rockwell Collins’ acquisition of the company I work for, and how that would change benefits. Nobody’s being let go; we were acquired as a whole unit so that Rockwell Collins could get into the flight simulator business. But our 401(k) will be changing slightly, etc.

Andn I’ll be leaving work shortly, to stop by the bank and Greenberry’s before I go to Anime USA.

Last night was rather odd, too. I got home late—working extra hours so I can leave work early today—and expected to crash. But I wanted to get in at least some time on Cronan The Scheduler, a BeOS application I volunteered to bulid for Dane of leBuzz. And I did. I just walked over to Pendragon, plunked down, and coded. And now, Cronan can read in a crontab file. Woohoo!

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