Wednesday, November 5, 2003

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Ghost Story, part 2

He glanced around for a tunnel of light, but there was only the dark, sparse apartment, illuminated dimly by the Swedish lamp in one corner.

He looked back down at Donna, who was in turn staring down at his slumped body. He knew he should be feeling something right now—anger, remorse, fear—and he made a supreme effort to feel something. But nothing came.

Great, he thought. Even death doesn’t cure depression.

This little fling with Donna, in fact, had been an attempt to lift his spirits three months ago. Well, he realized, looking down at his stiffening body, that clearly hadn’t worked out.

He felt a tingling then, in the back of his mind. He glanced around.

A few feet to his right, a green form flashed towards him and coalesced into a young man wearing the indistinct, ghostly equivalents of a vest, a bead necklace, and shorts. A shock of hair topped his smiling friendly face. The new guy’s eyes flicked up and down George’s hovering form as he smiled tentatively and said, “Hi.”

George was not about to trust just anyone, though his options seemed limited at the moment. He regarded the young man for a moment, then replied, “Hello.”

The young man looked down at the bed and arched an eyebrow. Donna had covered her face with her hands and was hunched over, rocking to herself, though she was making no noise. George’s eyes roamed over her naked, curled body and reflected that she looked pretty sexy. Then shook his head and reminded himself that she had just murdered him.

The young man looked back at George. “Nasty business.”


More to come….

In other news, the WSJ today reports that is the most comprehensive search engine they found for WiFi hotspots. Just wade through all the Centrino ads….

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