Tuesday, February 10, 2004

The difference between a bad blog and a good blog lies in commitment and purpose.

Some bloggers blog daily, and it seems to be natural for them to do so (see Lileks’ Bleat). Some blog at least a few times a week. But most bloggers are wildly inconsistent. Why?

I think it’s partly a matter of commitment. Most people aren’t committed to their blogs. That’s fine; bloggers don’t have to be committed to their blogs. Chastising bloggers for a lack of commitment is like chastising kids because they don’t play board games every day.

But then there are the folks who insist that they want to blog more often, but don’t. Why don’t they?

I think that’s partly a matter of purpose. Some folks have blogs mainly because everyone blogs and they think it’d be cool if they blogged. Which is fine, but if that’s the only reason you blog, what sort of content can you generate consistently?

Once I determined that I would use this journal as a daily writing exercise, I became much more consistent. But without a vision the people perish, to quote Hawaii’s state motto.

That’s why I think that the difference between a bad blog and a good blog lies in commitment and purpose.

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