March 15, 2004

Seth Godin relates Janet Jackson’s appearance on Good Morning America to branding. This is why I like reading his blog: always on-topic.

Mesa back.

Well. That was an ordeal. I damaged my left eye last Wednesday, which prolonged my recovery by about a week and a half. My right eye is now about 20/30, but my left eye is still very blurry. But at least they’re both recovering; my eyesight is getting better every day, and I can work now.

But it’s been a long, discouraging road. Last Wednesday, I regretted having the surgery. It wasn’t worth the pain, inconvenience, and doctor visits when all I’d had to do before was slip on my glasses in the morning.

But now, as my eyesight improves, I’m excited about it. There’s something new about it. It’s as though a new phase of my life is opening before me.

Now, to work.

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