March 18, 2004

And just to show you what happens when anyone can self-publish: Strange Comes the Emissary.

1:36 p.m.

I thought of a great subject for a journal entry yesterday. And today, of course, it’s gone.

Had something to do with Gundam, though, I think. And yes, I remember that I wrote a pitifully short review of it yesterday.

Hmm. Umm.

wrote some yesterday. That’s not news, except for the fact that I wrote 800 words in the past two days. I can normally only eke out 200 a day or so.

What’s led to the increase in writing productivity? An outline. Years ago, before the Great College Writing Drought, I used to write everything according to an outline of some sort. I didn’t finish anything, but I think that was due more to procrastination than a fault with the outlines.

In the past few months, I’ve been able to write, but I’ve had trouble finishing anything, I think primarily because I haven’t known where I was going in any of my stories. Now I’ve brought the outline back, and it seems to be improving my productivity drastically.

Now to see if it will continue.

Lileks is the only blogger I know who could turn a castoff 60’s pen into an idea for a novel (except maybe Neil Gaiman).

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