March 26, 2004

Good luck on Wednesday, Chris!

It’s a beautiful day. It’s the sort of day you expect for the benevolent return of Christ — the first day of the year when pants are just too hot, really.

I’m only working half of today, since I put in quite a few hours earlier in the week. And, no, I won’t exult that it was worth it; those times stuck in the office, blearily banging on the keyboard, sucked. Was four hours of drudgery worth four hours of time off? I honestly can’t say.

Besides, I’ll be spending this afternoon running errands. I’m buying toys for my AWANA kids to reward them for finishing their workbooks, and I need to stop by the bank, and I really need to stop by a net cafe so I can take care of some online business through my laptop.

All that work will be worth it if I can finish all my errands today, so that I can stay home all day Saturday and just enjoy the day. I treasure my free Saturdays now.

…Erm. And I’ve just run dry, so I’ll stop here.

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