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Wednesday, March 17, 2004 — St. Patrick’s Day

I finished watching the original Mobile Suit Gundam series yesterday evening. It was quite a journey. I was frankly blown away at the mature storytelling in Gundam — and it’s not “mature” in the sense of blood and guts. Mobile Suit Gundam is about war, in all its folly and nobility. The other Gundam series are clearly doing their best to live up to the original Gundam, and I don’t think any of them have come […]

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

My eyes are continuing to improve, though it seems to be going slowly. On the other hand, what else should I expect? Immediate, perfect vision? I must learn more patience. I cleaned for most of last night, after figuring that a dusty apartment probably does my eyes no good. I enjoy cleaning, in a way; it’s a straightforward job that makes my environment more enjoyable. I wanted to finish watching Mobile Suit Gundam last […]

March 15, 2004

Seth Godin relates Janet Jackson’s appearance on Good Morning America to branding. This is why I like reading his blog: always on-topic. Mesa back. Well. That was an ordeal. I damaged my left eye last Wednesday, which prolonged my recovery by about a week and a half. My right eye is now about 20/30, but my left eye is still very blurry. But at least they’re both recovering; my eyesight […]

Friday, March 12, 2004

The Hacker’s Diet is not a joke, and my cursory scan makes it look quite sound. The frames-based version is much better than the non-frames version.

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

My eye surgery went relatively well, but due to a minor eye condition, my eyes are much more delicate than the average person’s, and are healing much more slowly than most peoples’ eyes. Fortunately, I can stay at my parents for the duration. I’m frustrated, though. I was expecting to be able to drive the next day; I still can’t ee straight, and my eyes have occasional lances of pain. If I didn’t have my parents […]

March 3, 2004

QUEEN AMIDALA SHAREHOLDER steps up to the podium and clears her throat. AMIDALA I call for a vote of no-confidence in Chancellor Michael Eisner. Approximately 43 percent of the audience rises to its feet and cheers. I’m reading a neat book called Atlantis Destroyed by Rodney Castleden. It’s essentially a search for the historical Atlantis, canvassing historical civilizations for reasonable candidates. It’s a solid, rigorously fact-based book, though sometimes to a fault; Castleden’s style tends towards […]

Tuesday, March 2, 2004

I played hookie from Monday Group last night; ’twas psychically exhausted. Don’t know exactly why, either. I haven’t been particularly busy lately. Perhaps it’s my upcoming laser eye surgery on Friday. But instead I laughed ’till I coughed at selected episodes of The Critic. The entire show is available on DVD for a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of USD $50. I had forgotten how hilarious this show is. The humor zips […]

Monday, March 1, 2004

Huh. This looks…oddly…familiar. In other news…. There are certain books that either you read at a certain point in your childhood and becomes a sparkling treasure you hide in your heart which shapes the rest of your life, or you read it later in life and completely forget it within six months. It seems to me that The Broothers Lionheart falls squarely into this category. And, since my childhood is […]

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