April 6, 2004

…and I just noticed that The Brunching Shuttlecocks have put up the absolutely perfect Geek Hierarchy Chart. As Neil Gaiman puts it, it’s “almost too accurate to be funny. But it’s still funny.”

5:13 p.m.

There’s a new blog, called Worthwhile, which posts entries from a handful of highly-respected business writers. It’s sort of a cross between a blog and a magazine (mlog?); it’s nicely laid-out and offers posts from a set stable of authors, but it has all the features of any blog (live updates, easy comments, trackbacks).

And here’s what I love about blogs: Check out comment #4 on the Deep Tycosis article.

Anyvay, lots of really really good stuff here. I particularly like this entry, by David Weinberger:

I’ve long thought that corporate mission statements ought to begin with a phrase like, “XYZ company makes the world better by _____.” If it can’t fill in that blank, the company ought not be allowed to get to the phrase about “creating shareholder value.”

Interestingly, the name “Worthwhile” is not a joke about this blog’s worth in the presence of two million whiny LJ users; it’s the whole point of the site. It asks the question, “What is worthwhile in the business world? What goes beyond merely making a profit to making a difference?”

I’m feeling somewhat better today.

I made a ridiculously simple vegetarian chili last night, which turned out well except for the now-limp vegetables. I may have to tweak the recipe, which requires a long time for frying the veggies.

I’m increasingly interested in learning how to cook rather than how to follow a recipe. I want to know how to make chili in general, not just a specific chili recipe. As such, I’m focusing on the ingredients involved and the general process. It certainly makes cooking more interesting.

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