Friday, April 30, 2004

Been a bad week for journal updates. As usual, this is because (A) it’s really been a bad week, and (B) I haven’t actually been busy, per se. I usually post when I’m most active and busy.

So. What has been going on, you ask?

Work’s sucked. I’m trying to get a feel for the amount of documentation work left to do, and some of the developers are a bit prickly about providing exact estimates. Ironically, after baring their prickers, they then give me excellent estimates. :sigh:

This, of course, affects everything else. I come home feeling like a wet dishrag after a day of dealing with this. All I want to do is watch MST3K and The Critic.

However, I’ve been paying better attention to the role of rest in my life, and as a result I’ve kept up with chores and writing.

Even so, this weekend will be a major relief.

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