Friday, May 7, 2004

Whatever this illness is, it feels like some sort of alien parasite from a bad Star Trek episode. Normally, I get these things and I suffer through them and then I’m okay in a couple of days. This is day number six and counting. I’m not nearly as bad as I was on Sunday or Monday, but I’m still coughing and wrestling with an upset stomach. Blaaarrggh.

Anyvay. I’ve spent much of my time just lying in bed, doing very little.

I did watch a fair amount of anime this week, though: Last Exile volume 2, Texhnolyze volume 1, Tokyo Godfathers, and Angelic Layer volume 2. I also saw the first twelve episodes of the Clone Wars animations, which left an odd taste in my mouth.

I can’t summon the energy to write up my opinions on these, except that they were all good in their own ways. Except for Clone Wars, which was frankly just a really poor choice of animation and direction style.

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