Thursday, September 16, 2004

How to summarize the last few weeks?

I’ve moved in to my townhouse. That took quite a while, actually, about a month’s worth of trips to and from my old apartment. I just have so much stuff; computers, musical instruments, clothes, books, CDs, DVDs…and none of it is easily trashed.

I’m not truly settled in yet, though. I still feel like I’m living in a hotel. I want to feel settled, like this is home, but I suppose I shouldn’t expect that when I’ve only been sleeping here for a couple of weeks.

Work is interesting. I should write a full entry about that. I had my performance review, which went well; my bosses generally praised me but raised a few challenging issues. I need to change. And I’m changing.

[Neverwinter Nights box]

Meanwhile, I bought Neverwinter Nights a week ago, and have been playing it regularly. It’s quite addictive. They designers made the smart choice of littering the world with quests; my character can hardly move fifty feet without bumping into somebody who needss a hero. And because the quests don’t need to be solved in any particular order, there’s always something else to do. If I get tired of one quest, I can always work on another.

It’s just a shame that the Mac version is so expensive compared to the Windows version. I’m paying $50 for just the game (new), and the expansions cost $30 each; Windows users can get NWN and one expansion for about $20 (used) on eBay.

Would I buy a PC just so I could play cheap games? Not a chance. Windows is not worth my time.

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