Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Huzzah! Thanks to Brennen‘s tremendous work over the past few weeks, this journal is back to normal. I can post like usual again. Thanks, Bren!

In other news, I’ve been feeling rather blue for the past couple of days. I suspect I may be fighting off an illness.

The weekend was a bit of a dud. Saturday was unexpectedly busy; I spent it driving all around the area doing various errands. One annoying thing about the D.C. area is that it’s so spread out. You can’t just walk to the local grocery store. Old Navy? Sure, half an hour away….

It’s particularly annoying when you want to buy, say, a dual 2.0 Ghz Power Mac G5 with 1.5 GB of RAM. Like I did.


Okay, I’ll stop being coy. It’s amazingly fast, yes, but I’m not geeking out about it. Really. To be honest, it’s an Otherspace Productions computer. I bought it specifically so that we can render video and do other animation-related tasks rapidly. I can already tell that it’ll speed us up. Heck, it’s already sped me up in terms of being able to generate sample animations. So, the computer isn’t my toy as much as it is a company resource.

Not that that will stop me from installing Neverwinter Nights on it, probably.

My slight shade of blue is due partly to my parents being out of town, which means I’ve had to take care of one of their dogs, and check in on my grandmother every day. Both of whom have been great; they’re just extra gravitational stresses that have pulled me off-orbit. (Wow. Pardon the needlessly confusing metaphor.) They’re both distracting in the same way that a low-level background process eats up processing time for a computer. I can still function; I’m just not totally here.

My little motivational intentional living thing has been working out well, though. I have kept up with it, so far. I’m running and performing strength training according to schedule, I’m writing every weekday night, I’m reading the Bible consistently, and I’ve been keeping up-to-date with Otherspace Productions responsibilities. It’s been amazing to see that defining specific personal goals has an immediate practical benefit.

And in closing, if you ever get a chance to see it, Mezzo TV will kick your tail from here to Mars.

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