Friday, October 8, 2004

Ack, I’m tired.

As requested by my boss, I’m trying to get in to work closer to 9:00 a.m. every day, rather than noon. The good news is that it’s working; I’m waking up earlier and earlier every day. The bad news is that my body is still adjusting to comparatively early bedtimes. I’ll be working just fine at night, then BAM the energy drains out of me and my body screams, “Time for bed!

I really shouldn’t complain, though; at least I’m getting onto a schedule that coincides with the rest of the world. It was frustrating to get the hungry at one a.m. and realize that nothing’s open.

Quick status updates: Otherspace Productions is progressing nicely. Everyone’s pretty busy. I’m writing at least two hundred words every weeknight, mostly on the VR story. I’d like to finish the VR story within the next six months or so (at least, this first draft). I’m reasonably productive at work, though not as much as I’d like to be.

And I’m increasingly settling into my townhouse. When I moved, I used the guest bedroom and the downstairs closet as a convenient place to stash miscellaneous stuff. I spent much of Sunday and Wednesday nights cleaning all that out, finally. Now the guest bedroom is mostly clean (all I have left in there is pieces of bed, the framed anime cels that I haven’t hung in my bedroom yet, some old clothes I want to donate to the Salvation Army, a drafting table I have no other space for, and my isometric strength training device), and the downstairs closet is completely organized.

Of course, once the closet door is closed, I can’t tell that anything’s changed. But I feel good having done it, and now I feel that I won’t be embarrassed if I show the bedroom to potential renters. Which I intend to do soon; an extra $700 a month would be extremely welcome. I just wonder how people will react to a living space with no telephone, no TV, no cable, no satellite, and no internet connection (intentionally).

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