Friday, December 24, 2004 — Christmas Eve

I had intended to wake at 7:00 this morning, so that I could exercise and generally prepare well for the holiday. However, my recent troubles with my boss haunted me last night and kept me awake. When my alarm played “All the Way” at 7:00, I switched it off and slept for another three hours. Of course, my body undoubtedly needed it.

So I finally drove up my parents’ driveway at about 11:30, carrying a platter mounded high with homemade Christmas cookies, gaily-colored presents, and a bag of overnight supplies. We then spent the afternoon enjoying martial arts flicks, from Shaolin Soccer to Jackie Chan documentaries. Mom dubbed it Kung Fu Christmas. And it was good.

One of our Christmas traditions is the opening of one present per person on Christmas Eve. We (it was just my parents and I) opened gifts from my aunt, who got us all excellent gifts. Mine was a home improvement book full of color pictures and explanations. Great choice.

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