Thursday, December 16, 2004

Accomplishments, in list form to encourage brevity:

  • > Bought volume 4 of Gundam SEED, which came out this week. Can’t wait to find out what happens next. Very good show, even by Gundam standards.
  • Had a productive day at work, though things are slowing down to the point that I have very little to do. Which means that I should find things to do.
  • Stopped by my local Starbuck’s at 7:00, in the hope that the other member of my Technical Writers’ Meetup Group would attend this month’s meeting. She didn’t. Oh well; it gave me the opportunity to update a few of my websites.
  • Came home and ate another bowl of potato soup. One serving left. Man, home cooking is delicious and ridiculously economical; I made the entire pot of soup at a cost of maybe $15 at most.
  • Finally had a phone conversation with Saalon, who has been sick lo these many weeks. It’s always good to talk to him. I don’t mean simply that I have a good time; it feels good to talk to him. He’s a fundamentally good presence in my life.
  • Planned my December short story (part of my plan to write one short story per month through October of 2005). It’s a story set in my Big Fantasy World, about a young man who disrespects others and pays the ultimate price. A little dark for my usual tastes, but that’s what’s in my head right now.
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