Tuesday, May 23, 2006

And I did it. I managed to finish everything I wanted to last night, without feeling exhausted. It was tiring, though; I can’t do that every single night. Need at least a bit of total relaxation.

In a fit of brain activity while mourning the death of my Syllable laptop, I did manage to hook up another computer and install the latest version of Syllable on that. So, huzzah! I finally have a system with which I can support the open-source project that I’ve been affiliated with for, oh, half a decade or so, it seems. ‘Twas a good feeling as I crawled into bed.

I woke up this morning with the calm relaxed feeling one only gets from a full night’s sleep. I rolled over and fumbled for my phone to check the time (and there’s a phrase that only makes sense today…imagine someone from thirty years ago reading the sentence “I rolled over in bed and switched on my phone to check the time”), and saw that it was…9:15 a.m.

Apparently, in setting up the new Syllable computer last night, I kicked out the power cord for my laptop, so my alarm didn’t go off. I shot off a quick apologetic e-mail to my boss and threw on some clothes. As I shrugged into my shirt, my phone rang—it was a friend I’d called the night before, and hadn’t talked to in months. She wanted to fill me in on the latest going on in her life. This was a very bad time for that, though I really wanted to know. So I talked for a few minutes before begging off, then ran into work.

By the time I got there, I had about an hour before I had to leave for a dentist’s appointment. Oh, great fun, putting two permanent plasticine caps on two teeth he’d drilled a few weeks ago. I elected to wait on the remaining work (three more fillings on the other side of my mouth), and scheduled another appointment for tomorrow to do that.

Got back to work to discover that a) a local developer can’t do a build, b) the customer was confused because the build process is different (despite my explanations that the build process has changed), and c) I had a meeting tomorrow at the same time I’d scheduled the dentist appointment. So, back out to the car, where I grabbed the appointment card, phoned the dentist, and changed to a Thursday appointment. Deep breath, back to the office, where I e-mailed the customer to explain the changes in the build process.

At which point another CM person IMed me with some weird problems she was having in the lab. And I had a meeting in five minutes to present some training materials.

So. Put off the CM rep, print out the training materials, attend the meeting, then help the CM rep. Return to my office to find that the customer’s builds are blowing up spectacularly. Another deep breath, call the customer, figure out what’s going on, and resolve that problem.

Only thing remaining at this point was the local developer’s problem, which we worked on until 5:30 p.m. when we decided to give up and try again tomorrow morning.

Then off to my Mom’s to see her (my Dad is down in Mississippi, helping to rebuild the house of a Katrina victim), had a great time eating dinner and watching the MST3K version of Planet of the Prehistoric Women, and returned home about five minutes ago.

That was my day. How about yours?


Animom My day was restful — it was good. (Previous day took all my reserve.)

Your days lately sound more balanced with work and rest. It seems you are more content and definitely more rested. Is that accurate — in fact?

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