Instant Ramen Comfort Food

While shopping at a high-end grocery store last week, I paused at the Asian aisle. Dozens of different instant ramen packages lined the aisles with characteristic military precision. And I figured, what the heck, I might as well try out a cheap, easy dish.

So, today, I present a short review of “Nissin” brand instant ramen.

I followed the directions exactly: I brought two and a half cups of water to a boil, then added the noodles. After a few minutes, I added the contents of the flavor packet. There was a strong fragrance when the flavoring packet hit the bowl.

I immediately removed it from heat as I stirred the flavoring packet into the dish, then poured half of it into a bowl. The actual flavor is medium intensity; noticeable but no power. And with all that water, it makes enough for two rather filling servings. I suspect that less water would create a more intense dish, though.

It felt surprisingly like comfort food. Much easier to eat with chopsticks than a knife, fork, or spoon, too.

Quite enjoyable.

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