16 Feb 07

When I saw Pan’s Labyrinth last weekend, it was preceded by an amazing advertisement. A girl pulls her family’s attention to the Apollo moon launch with a murmured, “Wow.” A basketball player working with kids watches one scrawny Asian kid dribble the ball around him, and the player says, “Wow.” A woman out running looks at her watch, and says “Wow” as she looks back on the long road she’s run.

I loved it. It was like the Apple’s best ads. I couldn’t wait to see if it was an Apple ad.

It was for Windows Vista. The final “Wow” came from a man using Vista’s new Alt-Tab feature. Which is nice, but…this was an ad for Windows.

Which made me think. Why did I want it to be an Apple ad? (Pretty easy to answer.) Why was I disappointed to discover it was “just an ad for Windows,” or more accurately, “an ad for just Windows?” (Harder to answer.)

Windows is used more than any other operating system, by far. Why doesn’t it have the rabid fans that Apple has? Yes, Windows has fans. But not the rock star fanbase of Apple. Really, why not?

Brennen writes:

Microsoft doesn’t have to be a technological religion. They’re Soviet Russia.

Tho that’s a bad analogy, given that Soviet Russia tried to be a state religion, but you know what I mean.


I think being the default system that everyone runs on means that that’s all you have time / incentive to do.

Good points.

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