25 Feb 07

We’ve had another winter storm. Several inches of snow, plus a bit of rain. I attempted a daring escape to my parents’ house in the thick of the storm, but there was too much snow, and people drove even more bizarrely than usual. When I attempted to change lanes, I lost control of my truck, nearly sideswiped a BMW, slid in the other direction, and ran off the road. I was okay and got right back on the road, then promptly turned around and went back home.

I spent the rest of the day watching The Incredibles and Astro Boy (2003 version), both of which were thoroughly enjoyable. This was my fourth time watching The Incredibles, and there were even more little bits of animation to savor. There’s a moment when Mr. Incredible is thrown into a river, and just before he hits you can see him curl into a ball and land on his back. Barely noticeable even on the third or fourth watching, but it adds so much to the realism of the scenes.

And Astro Boy is better near the end of the series than the beginning. The first half is peppered with standard action/adventure stories; by the second half the main theme and plot are revealed and kick into high gear. There’s some great drama in here.

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