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30 Mar 07

And it’s done. I’ve completely renovated my garden. As expected, I hit the 90% Wall. Most projects seem to have a point near the end where I just don’t want to put any more time into them. I don’t know why, but it’s frequent, and it seems to affect most creative projects. It’s a major […]

28 Mar 07

Spent the better part of the day digging out the back garden and shifting soil around. I’m renovating the garden with painted planters and new plots of vegetables. It’s spring, and it’s time. It’s also a major undertaking. I had to move a truck load of dirt today, using large rubber buckets. One bucket at […]

27 Mar 07

I’m enjoying Leo Strauss’s History of Political Philosophy, even his flowery, complicated sentences. But even good things can be taken too far. An example: If a religion or divine law is not spurious, obscurantist, or fanatic, it does not promote but suppresses and transcends the ends pursued in ignorant regimes (including tyranny), and substitutes for […]

26 Mar 07

Saw the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. It was perfect, in the mathematical sense of containing everything needed. There were things I didn’t know I’d want to see in there until I saw it. They tossed in a reference to the opening credit sequence of the original cartoon, for Pete’s sake. It proves that […]

25 Mar 07

Just returned from a weekend with Saalon, and am reminded yet again of the power of physical human interaction. Not only do I feel closer to him, we were able to talk and discuss things so much more efficiently. He had some programming questions, and I could explain concepts with such ease when we stood […]

24 Mar 07

I’ve posted The VR Story to this site and, so you can read it for free online or buy a paperback for $10. I’m proud of the VR story. It was a writing experiment that went 25,000 words out of hand. I wrote some lovely bits, just by chugging away every day.

22 Mar 07

Does McDonald’s really need a memorable catchphrase at this point? What else are they doing blindly, out of habit? What am I doing blindly, out of habit?

20 Mar 07

Here’s how I knew I’d be okay. When I went to work on Monday, the business manager told me that I didn’t have to come in for the rest of my two weeks, that I could go on home. So I went to the old office to gather the rest of my possessions that hadn’t […]

19 Mar 07

The Dragon Slayer has had an epiphany about online ‘social networking’ which I agree with wholeheartedly.

18 Mar 07

In the blink of an eye, things change. Blink again, they change back. Though my job at Applied Tactics was interesting and brimmed with potential, after a long week of painful work I came to a series of conclusions. I realized that the work was too much for me. I don’t want to be working […]

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