21 Dec 07

My Wii sold for $340. I lost money, strictly, given the games that I sold with it; a new Wii is $250, each game cost $30-$50, and I had to pay $70 to ship it all next day. But it’s a used system, and frankly it’s one less thing on my mind. I’m happy.

I’ve delivered most of my Christmas cookies. If you haven’t received any yet, I should be stopping by your house in the next few days.

Attended a Messiah Sing-Along concert with Mandy and Kirsten this week. Great fun. They brought their scores and sang along, and I marvelled at their amazing voices. I just stood there and listened and tried to follow along. They graciously offered a score, but I preferred to immerse myself in the river of music and swim as best I could. I think I got more out of it than if I’d been trying to read music the whole time.

I also arranged with Mandy to learn the acoustic guitar with her, and to see Enchanted this weekend. Fingers crossed on both counts.

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