3 Jan 08

Imagine a massively multiplayer online roleplaying game with…

  • …no elves or dwarves.
  • …an emphasis on player skill instead of level grinding.
  • …a vast, completely original world that the game encourages you to explore.
  • …the ability to hire shopkeepers, guards, and any other NPCs to automate things
  • …active GMs who regularly interact with players.
  • …quests tailored specifically to your player.
  • …consequences for compromising your honor. If you don’t rescue the little girl, she’ll die.
  • …an in-game magic system similar to programming. Spells are just like scripts, right?
  • …a cap of 400 players total.

I’d pay a lot of money to play that. Question is, of course, would you?

What’s even more interesting is that none of these ideas are technically difficult, or even new. It’s just that none of the MMORPGs bother to try them.

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