Reflections on Not Working

Long, good day. Finished copying some BBC Radio productions from old audio cassettes to MP3. Wonderful to have technology that does all this quickly and easily. Of course, that’s ignoring the hours I spent setting up that technology.

It’s odd. I’m still without a full-time job, and I feel none of the gnawing dread I expected. I know I can’t keep this up forever, of course, but I’ve got months before I need to worry, and I’m not worrying. I’m just chugging along with various projects.

Not as many projects as perhaps I should, though how many “should” I do? I’ve been gardening and drawing and cooking and designing RPG adventures. Some work on potentially paying gigs, but…geez, why not enjoy my life? I could have a heart attack tomorrow.

Funny, that; I keep defending my lack of “productive” behavior. Shouldn’t need to. This is my life.

Which makes it tough to blog sometimes. What do I really need to tell the world? Aren’t my actions enough?

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