13 May 08

Just finished watching several episodes of Alton Brown’s Feasting on Asphalt, where he and a small crew travel America, off the highways, eating only locally made food (that is, nothing corporately processed or prepared).

It’s amazing, watching someone passionately committed to a concept—real, carefully-prepared food—delivering on it. It’s quirky and risky; you never know how it’ll turn out. But the food is usually excellent.

Risks are worth it. It’s inspired me to think more about my risks.

I’m also re-evaluating my routines and plans and such. After a productive Monday, and feeling a little ill today, I’m looking at my work and asking myself:

  1. Is this really helping humanity?
  2. How do I feel about it?
  3. What can I reframe to be more powerful, effective, useful, etc.?

Questions worth asking, I think.

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