20 May 08

I heard this in a recentl Manager Tools podcast: Until you’ve got something, you’ve got nothing.

It struck a powerful chord. As I chat with folks via Twitter and follow others’ blogs, I realize that I have little to offer. A bit here and there: a few written stories, some credits. But precious little accomplished, in either the real or the digital worlds.

So, how to accomplish things? Rid one’s self of distractions. Hole up with a bunch of food, severely limit external interaction, and work. I may not need to be quite that extreme, but I think it’s important.

Which is why, today, I switched off Twitter and FriendFeed, and I plan to keep them off until I actually produce something. A finished product or service of some sort.

Heck, I may keep them off until enough of my friends get on there. Just one more distraction, after all.

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