Freelancing Ain’t As Easy As I’d Hoped

I’m 5 months into freelancing. Hasn’t gone as well as I’d hoped.

I’m currently making $0. I’ve made a fair bit from a good friend, for whom I developed his corporate website. I’ve also done a little tutoring.

But that’s dried up. I advertise my web development tutoring, through CraigsList, but despite a few emails from interested locals, nobody’s come through. I’ve submitted short stories to various magazines, but none have been accepted. Every freelancing site I find is flooded with ridiculously low bids on every project, and unrealistic projects. (“For $100 a week, you must write at least 15 articles a day.”)

So, I’m looking for a temp job. Just some tech work to tide me over for a few months. Several recruiters are looking for me.

I am disappointed. This startup process takes way longer than I anticipated.

There are a few reasons. It took me a while to start advertising heavily, and submitting stories, and so forth. I spent a good 3 months mostly enjoying my freedom. I’ve buckled down now, but I suspect it’s too late to turn the tide.

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