Why I Host a Halloween Party Every Year


I want to explain just why I host a Halloween party.

I mean, I do love Halloween. It’s my favorite holiday. It’s one of the few times in the year when fantasy and a belief in unexplained phenomena are socially accepted. It’s a time when we can all believe that the world contains at least a few things that science can’t completely explain.

But I don’t love parties. Oh, I enjoy myself at them, but I’ve always been a shy person. Social interaction requires an effort for me. It’s much less of an effort than it used to be, but I still groan inwardly when I imagine going to a party.

Nevertheless, the longer I live, the more I realize that we live in a social world. Our relationships matter, not just in a deep spiritual sense, but also in a hard-nosed practical sense (how many people do you know who got their jobs because a friend recommended them?). Our connections with others not only net us valuable friends and business associates; it satisfies a deep inner need to be heard and be important to other people.

So, every year, I host a Halloween party with as many of my friends as I can invite. It grows every year, and I get better at hosting parties each time I do it.

I also grow closer to friends that I rarely get a chance to talk to, and they get to talk to some of my other friends.

It’s a win-win-win. Always well worth it.

Have you thought about hosting a party for a few friends? Something informal, just a chance to get together and chat. Please reply with your experience. Hasn’t it always been worth it?

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