How to Become More Aware Of Time


This past week, I’ve been thinking about time.

More precisely: awareness of time. Do I know how long I’ve been working on an email? Drinking my afternoon tea? Reading this book in bed?

It’s struck me that this is a key to productivity. If I was more aware of time as it goes by, I wouldn’t turn a brief YouTube distraction into an hour-long browse of the latest videos.

And we’re all surrounded by clocks. There’s one on every desktop and laptop screen, and strapped to our wrists (though I’ve noticed more and more people without watches lately; why is that?).

So how can one become more aware of time? By glancing at one’s watch more often. By keeping a little time log; just a piece of paper on which one writes, “8:33 Started watching anime. 8:54 Checked blogs. 9:02 Worked on RPG document.”

And…think. Think about time. Think about how you want to use your time.

When you begin something, do you alot yourself a certain amount of time? Do you hold yourself to that allotted time? I don’t. I should, if I want to be smart about my time.

So I think about time.

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