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The City of Talon

I’ve been working on a major role-playing project for the past few months. It’s called the City of Talon, a small book that describes a busy portside fantasy city, suitable for any fantasy role-playing game. It can even be raided for ideas for short stories and novels. It’s a grand experiment. I love the creative […]

Spring, Gardening, and Tea

Much as we’ve engineered our world into consistency—on any day of the year, you can find tomatoes in the grocery store—our planet maintains its seasonal cycle. Our kitchens may keep the same color every month of the year, but we step outside in March to a changing world. While the mornings are still chilly, the […]

Web Extroversion

(Bonus points if you catch the reference of this entry’s title.) So, I’ve been avoiding this blog for almost a month now. Not because I hate it, but because I have nothing to write about in this form. I’m writing a lot on Twitter. I’m doing a lot—producing episodes of my podcast, working on Gunwave, […]

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