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How Much Planning Do You Need?

I started reading a Kindle book on organic gardening. And I was immediately put off by 1) the repeated sermons on the evils of chemical pesticides (if I’ve bought the book, I probably don’t need to be sold on avoidance of chemicals), and 2) the insistence on planning. I quote: The Essential Guide to Organic […]

Has Star Trek Lost Its Way?

As I mention in this YouTube review, I had a grand time watching the new Star Trek movie. Afterwards, I started thinking about it, and I had second thoughts. What do you think?

Hitting the “Pause” Button on Giant Armors

Those of you familiar with my Giant Armors project may wonder how it’s going. It isn’t. I’ve been stuck for months. Not with writer’s block, exactly. I’ve known what needs to be done, I’ve just had no creative juice for it. It’s weird. I know how to sit down and work at writing. I know […]

Why Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam Is Worth Watching

Why Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam Is Worth Watching

Note: This is the second in my series of articles on each show in the Gundam franchise. I don’t have a specific schedule for this; I’m just writing these reviews as I feel like it. The last one was Why You Should Watch Mobile Suit Gundam. Four years after the broadcast of the original Mobile Suit Gundam (which was not particularly popular during its broadcast), and the increasing popularity thereof thanks to the three movie […]

Six Months of Tabletop RPG Sales

About six months ago, I started publishing tabletop RPG PDFs under the name Brent P. Newhall’s Musaeum of Fantastic Wonders, starting with the short adventure War in the Deep in November 2008 and continuing with the sandbox setting The City of Talon in March 2009. I publish through DriveThruRPG, which takes a percentage of each PDF sale. The PDFs themselves are unrestricted. I’ve always been a bit frustrated at the lack of real numbers about […]

Seven Lessons Learned from Running a Tabletop RPG with a Big Group

We can have up to 10 players at my tabletop gaming group. That’s a lot of people to manage; most groups max out at 5 or so. While I’m trying to get better at splitting the group up with another GM, I’ve had times where I’ve had to run a game wtih 10 players. A […]

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