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Rorschach Hugging Pikachu – Otakon 2009 Pictures

I’m back from Otakon, the second-largest anime convention in the Western Hemisphere. Feels like the largest, partly because folks are packed into small spaces. Not a compliment. Here are the photos on Flickr. Represented: Silent Bob, Neo, Beetlejuice, Tiger from Kung-Fu Panda, Gambit, a Mind Flayer, several Gundams, Spider-Man, Billy Mays, Dr. Forrester, several Rorschachs, […]

Witnessing a Civil War Battle

On Saturday, I interrupted a wonderfully productive morning to drove up to Frederick, Maryland. Clouds moved in to shelter an otherwise perfect day. I pulled in to Rose Hill Manor, parked my car in the big field, and ran towards the other side of the property, camera in hand. “Rebels in the cornfield!” The cry […]

Comparing Anime Expo and Otakon

I’m just back from Anime Expo 2009, and despite the jet lag, I’m going to try to share the differences between Anime Expo and Otakon (at least, based on my experience with AX 2009 and Otakons 2001-2008): AX’s L.A. Convention Center feels slightly larger than the Baltimore Convention Center. This means more walking, but also […]

All I Ask Is A Tall Ship

This will inevitably post to my blog several days after I actually write it, as I’m writing this in a hotel room in California at Anime Expo, and I refuse to spend $13 a day for the privilege of posting to my blog (and otherwise accessing the vast reaches of the internet). I’m tired, but […]

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

If you’re looking for a fun, touching summer movie, you can’t go wrong with The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. It’s an anime film released two years ago, centering around a Japanese high school girl with two male friends, and the surprising summer she has as she stumbles upon an ability to (duh) jump through time. It’s a high-quality production throughout. The animation’s fluid, characters are drawn […]

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