Weekly Expenditure Adventure: Week 2


Friday feels like a good day to record and analyze my expenditures from the past week, though perhaps I should wait until later in the day. Ah well.

Here, I lay my soul (and wallet) bare:

Saturday $74.50 Role-playing books and taxi rides at GenCon
Sunday $77.73 Includes $50 for airport parking
Monday $32.37 Groceries
Tuesday $47.04 Includes Anime USA badge; see below
Wednesday $20.00 Gas
Thursday $13.80 Dinner and toll road fares
Friday (estimate) $40.00 Groceries
Total $230.84

Saturday and Sunday were spent at GenCon, thus explaining the higher values then. I had to pay $50 for airport parking on Sunday. Urrrrg.

I bought groceries on Monday to stock up after GenCon, and had to buy a $40 badge for Anime USA on Tuesday since I’m going to be running a panel and they don’t give out free badges for that (<sigh>). I’ll be buying groceries tonight, thus the estimated $40 expenditure. Yes, I normally spend about $40 per week on groceries.

The total actually feels pretty reasonable to me. Subtract the unusual expenditures on Saturday ($20 in the exhibition hall and $40 for taxi rides) and Sunday ($50 for parking), and I spent about $120 this week on groceries, gas, and food, which includes essentially two weeks’ worth of groceries.

I’d like to be more frugal than this, but how can I be until I understand myself better? Which is the whole point of this exercise, after all.

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